Buying the Right Towing Hook

For any successful towing, there should be high-quality towing hooks that will be used in connecting the vehicle that is being towed to the towing truck. Towing hooks are available in different styles and sizes and can be linked to chains, tow straps, or a receiver on the truck and one will be able to choose the most appropriate depending on a number of factors:

  • Type: towing hooks are of different types and you have to ensure that you purchase the right hook that will perfectly serve the purpose for which it is being purchased. There are traditional hooks, D-ring hooks, and threaded end hooks, among others.
  • Weight: the tow hook should be able to accommodate the weight of the vehicle that will be towed. The weight should also not be rated beyond the weight of the vehicle that will be towed as it may not fit properly.
  • Coating: the towing hook should have the right coating that will offer a lasting protection against rust. A towing hook with a powder coating is one of the most preferred options but if you do not wish to purchase a hook with a powdered coating, you can shop around for your preferred coating depending on your budget.
  • Protection: the towing hooks should be designed in such a way that it will not damage the point of connection on both the towing truck and the vehicle being towed as well. There are towing hooks that have a rubber guard or acrylic that will be most appropriate.

You should also consider the quality of the hook that will be purchased to avoid the breaking of the hook while towing. This will not only be dangerous to the other road users but can also lead to the death of the driver of the vehicle being towed. There are instances where a hook will loosen itself from the towing vehicle and shoot through the windshield of the towed vehicle, leading to severe injury or death.

A poor quality hook is also likely to break and if this happens, it will be a risk to any other road user as well as the person who is in control of the towed vehicle. This is a common occurrence if the weight of the towed vehicle exceeds the maximum weight that the towing hook can bear.

To know if the towing hook will be able to serve the purpose without leading to any ugly incidents, you can look for reviews from customers who have used the type of towing hook you intend to buy. According to These will tell you if the towing hook is strong enough or it is a type that will break at the slightest pressure.

When buying a towing hook, you should not go for the cheapest either; you need a towing hook that will not ruin the credibility of the towing company due to breaking while towing. Investing in the best towing tools is the best way to ensure that you get returns from your investment. Paying a high price for a towing hook is not as expensive as attempting to build back an image after causing an incident that could have been avoided if the right hook was used.