How to Tow a Vehicle from Your Private Property Legally

There are instances when someone may opt to use your private property for parking his vehicle, or incidences where you run a parking lot and the vehicle has stayed for too long without any form of payment. In such a situation, the only option will be to have the vehicle removed in the right way to avoid getting into legal battles with the car owner.

The following is the legal process of getting such a vehicle towed off your property:

  • Call the relevant authorities: When you call the police, they will provide a citation or even tow the vehicle away without any charges on your account. There will be an official record in regards to the towing which will be safe for you.

When the police arrive at the scene, they will call the towing company to do the towing and when this happens, there is no way the car owner can charge you for any damages to his vehicle if it is damaged while being towed.

If the vehicle that had been parked at your private premises was stolen, the police will be able to locate the owner and when the person who had parked it comes for it, he will be arrested in connection to the theft.

  • Call a towing company: You can also choose to call a towing company to get the vehicle off your property. Towing companies will be grateful for such opportunities as they will charge the car owner for the towing as well as the storage for the number of days the vehicle will have stayed in their yard.

As the property owner, you may also be charged for the services as well.

You should never take the law into your own hands and move the car on your own. If you do this and the vehicle gets damaged in the process, the owner will hold you responsible which could cost you a lot of money.

Towing the car yourself is also not an option as you will have no specific destination that you will take it and the authorities do not give room for dumping. It will also be impossible to get it from your property and take it to another private property.

Having the relevant authorities take up the towing responsibility is the best option in this matter as it will ensure that everything is documented and legally done.

There are some regulations that have to be observed if the parking in question is a private property that is non-residential. There must be a sign that illegal parking is not allowed and when you call the towing company, you must be the one to give the authorization to tow the car away. The vehicle should also have stayed on the spot for more than one hour before you can think of calling a towing company to tow the car off the property.  If there is no sign that parking is not allowed, the towing will only be done if the vehicle stays for more than 24 hours.


Buying the Right Towing Hook

For any successful towing, there should be high-quality towing hooks that will be used in connecting the vehicle that is being towed to the towing truck. Towing hooks are available in different styles and sizes and can be linked to chains, tow straps, or a receiver on the truck and one will be able to choose the most appropriate depending on a number of factors:

  • Type: towing hooks are of different types and you have to ensure that you purchase the right hook that will perfectly serve the purpose for which it is being purchased. There are traditional hooks, D-ring hooks, and threaded end hooks, among others.
  • Weight: the tow hook should be able to accommodate the weight of the vehicle that will be towed. The weight should also not be rated beyond the weight of the vehicle that will be towed as it may not fit properly.
  • Coating: the towing hook should have the right coating that will offer a lasting protection against rust. A towing hook with a powder coating is one of the most preferred options but if you do not wish to purchase a hook with a powdered coating, you can shop around for your preferred coating depending on your budget.
  • Protection: the towing hooks should be designed in such a way that it will not damage the point of connection on both the towing truck and the vehicle being towed as well. There are towing hooks that have a rubber guard or acrylic that will be most appropriate.

You should also consider the quality of the hook that will be purchased to avoid the breaking of the hook while towing. This will not only be dangerous to the other road users but can also lead to the death of the driver of the vehicle being towed. There are instances where a hook will loosen itself from the towing vehicle and shoot through the windshield of the towed vehicle, leading to severe injury or death.

A poor quality hook is also likely to break and if this happens, it will be a risk to any other road user as well as the person who is in control of the towed vehicle. This is a common occurrence if the weight of the towed vehicle exceeds the maximum weight that the towing hook can bear.

To know if the towing hook will be able to serve the purpose without leading to any ugly incidents, you can look for reviews from customers who have used the type of towing hook you intend to buy. According to These will tell you if the towing hook is strong enough or it is a type that will break at the slightest pressure.

When buying a towing hook, you should not go for the cheapest either; you need a towing hook that will not ruin the credibility of the towing company due to breaking while towing. Investing in the best towing tools is the best way to ensure that you get returns from your investment. Paying a high price for a towing hook is not as expensive as attempting to build back an image after causing an incident that could have been avoided if the right hook was used.

Stuck in the Snow? Things to Do Before Calling a Tow Truck Service

One of the biggest nightmares while driving your car is getting stuck in the snow while you are on the road. The only and the easiest way out of the mess is to give a buzz to the tow truck service and get your car along with you back in the warmth of your house. However, this can only happen when your phone is working. Often your phones also get dead in the dreadful weather. For this precise reason, most towing services share some wonderful tips that all should know to help themselves out of this situation if it ever presents itself.

Be prepared for the situation

Getting stuck in the snow is always something that will catch you by surprise. To better tackle it, you must always carry some vital tools with you in the car. This includes a small and collapsible shovel, boots if you are not in the habit of wearing them, sturdy pair of gloves, cap and finally a sand or cat litter. They might feel unnecessary but prove your lifeline when you suddenly get stuck in the snow. Thus, your car must be stocked with them at all times.

Avoid spinning the tires

The first thing that most people do on getting stuck is stepping on the gas pedal hoping that it would free the car. But it only gets the tires to dig deeper into the snow. Thus, you must avoid this panicked action and patiently wait for the tow truck service to arrive. Your patience will prevent the situation from getting worse!

Rock the car

Before starting the engine ensure that the wheels are straightened. Now get the car in the lowest gear and move it in the reverse direction and stop. Now gently move it forward in the same gear. Make this back-and-forth motion repeatedly but gently for a few times. This rocking motion is often successful in tamping down loose snow and creating room for the tires to gain traction. Soon, you would be able to feel your tire grip and you just might succeed in pulling the car out. Sometimes, the tires just spin and do not move. In this situation, you must stop this method as it would only make the situation worse.

Add some traction

The sand or the cat litter that you had stashed away in your car would come in handy here. Sprinkle them in front of the tires and then try the rocking movement. Sand or kitty litter help the tires gain some traction. In case you have forgotten to store them in the car, try newspapers, cardboard or even the car floor mats would serve the purpose.

Deflate the stuck tires slightly

You can try deflating the stuck tires slightly. In case you have a tire inflator in your trunk, you can take out air about halfway. This would increase the surface area of the tire which is in contact with the ground and help you gain additional traction which might just get your car out from being snow stuck. You would obviously again need to do the rocking movement. Another important thing that you need to remember is not to let out the air too much as that would lead to a flat tire which is again an unwelcome situation.

Final words

If none of the above tricks work, then you can try pushing the car by assembling some people and trying to push it out of the ditch. Else, you would simply need to wait for the tow truck service to help you out of the situation.


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