How to Tow a Vehicle from Your Private Property Legally

There are instances when someone may opt to use your private property for parking his vehicle, or incidences where you run a parking lot and the vehicle has stayed for too long without any form of payment. In such a situation, the only option will be to have the vehicle removed in the right way to avoid getting into legal battles with the car owner.

The following is the legal process of getting such a vehicle towed off your property:

  • Call the relevant authorities: When you call the police, they will provide a citation or even tow the vehicle away without any charges on your account. There will be an official record in regards to the towing which will be safe for you.

When the police arrive at the scene, they will call the towing company to do the towing and when this happens, there is no way the car owner can charge you for any damages to his vehicle if it is damaged while being towed.

If the vehicle that had been parked at your private premises was stolen, the police will be able to locate the owner and when the person who had parked it comes for it, he will be arrested in connection to the theft.

  • Call a towing company: You can also choose to call a towing company to get the vehicle off your property. Towing companies will be grateful for such opportunities as they will charge the car owner for the towing as well as the storage for the number of days the vehicle will have stayed in their yard.

As the property owner, you may also be charged for the services as well.

You should never take the law into your own hands and move the car on your own. If you do this and the vehicle gets damaged in the process, the owner will hold you responsible which could cost you a lot of money.

Towing the car yourself is also not an option as you will have no specific destination that you will take it and the authorities do not give room for dumping. It will also be impossible to get it from your property and take it to another private property.

Having the relevant authorities take up the towing responsibility is the best option in this matter as it will ensure that everything is documented and legally done.

There are some regulations that have to be observed if the parking in question is a private property that is non-residential. There must be a sign that illegal parking is not allowed and when you call the towing company, you must be the one to give the authorization to tow the car away. The vehicle should also have stayed on the spot for more than one hour before you can think of calling a towing company to tow the car off the property.  If there is no sign that parking is not allowed, the towing will only be done if the vehicle stays for more than 24 hours.